How can financial organizations best navigate cybersecurity and stay competitive ?

Go fast and stay safe, with SD Elements.


In an increasingly competitive market, financial institutions must develop software at a faster pace than ever before while ensuring financial data is kept safe.

From online banking to mobile budget apps, internal platforms and customer service systems, innovation is critical in maintaining a competitive edge.

Traditional, manual approaches and reliance on spreadsheets for managing security controls in software development projects are time-consuming, delay releases, and can lead to vulnerabilities that leave you exposed to attack.

The risk of not being able to release software quickly is significant – and so is the risk of sacrificing security for an aggressive release schedule.


You need a solution that prioritizes security without slowing you down.

SD Elements does just that: injecting security into the very start of your software development lifecycle. Through our developer-centric software threat modeling platform approach, you can rapidly release secure software and maintain your competitive edge.

Accelerate Software Releases

Speed up development by automating proactive security processes before a single line of code is written, improving time to market without sacrificing security.

Improved Product Security

Save time, costs, and resources as you eliminate the need to retrofit security, by building it in from the beginning. SD Elements helps you make your products secure by design.

Validate Compliance

With SD Elements, you can check in on the status of security activities at any point during the project life cycle. Get a clear view of your corporate risk and compliance posture at any time, and be audit and assessment ready as SD Elements helps you demonstrate your compliance.


Let SD Elements automate the bulk of the work, leaving your security experts to focus their efforts on only the most critical tasks. In addition, SD Elements allows you to track security control implementation as you go, so you can prioritize where to focus your efforts next.

Just-in-Time Training

SD Elements also offers Just-in-Time Training – allowing developers to access training from within the platform that’s directly related to the task they are working on. With Just-in-Time Training, we deliver knowledge, guidance, and support exactly when and where your team needs it.

Enterprise Scalability

Able to scale in large enterprise environments, SD Elements helps you meet the growing need to accelerate security and compliance processes, in line with Agile and DevOps methods.

From secure development to threat modeling, SD Elements is the solution you need to manage and mitigate risk without compromising on speed. Not only does it help you to protect the sensitive data that you handle, it also helps you save costs, time, and resources. Discover how SD Elements works below.

Step 1: Information Gathering

SD Elements gathers vital details from you about your technology stack, deployment environment, and compliance requirements in minutes through a dynamic survey directly or through integrations with systems of record.

Update or add information about your project at any time, and get up to date and refined guidance.

Step 2: Developer-Centric Threat Modeling

SD Elements gathers information about your project and automatically generates threat modeling diagrams. By automating the generation of developer-centric software threat models, developers are able to efficiently identify threats and know exactly where to implement required countermeasures.

Step 3: Expert Assessment

Based on the information gathered, SD Elements’ advanced decision-making engine automatically identifies risks, threats, and potential weaknesses.

It then classifies the overall risk according to your predefined security and compliance policies, so you can take a risk-based approach to managing applications without compromising time to market.

Step 4: Recommendations

After identifying security requirements, SD Elements generates recommendations for security controls that can be seamlessly integrated with issue trackers, including Jira, VersionOne, or Azure Boards.

SD Elements draws from an always-evolving content library containing thousands of recommendations, including code samples and test cases.

This library is mapped to regulatory standards from all over the world, ensuring your compliance recommendations stay current.

Step 5: Validation and Reports

SD Elements helps you to track security task completion by integrating with multiple testing tools, including Veracode, Checkmarx, and Fortify.

Use your dashboard to view quick metrics and instantly generate compliance status reports, helping you more easily validate compliance during an audit or assessment.

You can also drill down into each project, helping your security experts focus only on the most critical issues.

Are you ready to get started with SD Elements?

Get in touch to explore the benefits now, and see SD Elements in action.

Are you ready to get started with SD Elements?

Get in touch to explore the benefits now, and see SD Elements in action.

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According to the BCG Reigniting Radical Growth Report, financial services firms suffer a higher cost for dealing with cyber attacks and their aftermath than any other sector.

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